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The settlement developed together with this castle, and also adopting the same name, remained unchanged even when the town was conquered by Peter the First as a deliberate move to protect St. And only in 1917, when the Vyborg gubernia as part of the Grand Duchy of Finland separated from Russia, the town was renamed to Viipuri, while it was within Finnish territory.And then, in 1940, after the Russo-Finnish war became a Russian city again.Lots of buildings still have Finnish windows, red roofs and ornaments inspired by northern folklore.Vyborg was lucky to become the first and the most popular border town to Finland and Europe.It is very important to remember that the ticket is needed at all stages of the journey - to get to the platform through turnstiles, in the train itself it will be checked (possibly several times), and when leaving the platform on arrival - and also on the way back, if you have a return ticket.And after a walk around Vyborg, you can tuck in for a delicious meal, there are lots of cozy places ready to feed and warm up tired travelers.The magnificent (and, fortunately, perfectly preserved and not going through restoration) example of the Finnish period is the Alvar Aalto Library - the central library of Vyborg, built in 1933-1935 and designed by the Finnish architect Alvar Aalto.

The official history of Vyborg begins in 1293, when the Swedish knights, during one of the crusades, ordered the regent of the Swedish King Torgils Knutsson to establish a castle with this name in place of the destroyed Karelian island.The unique architectural appearance of the historical part of Vyborg, which has been formed over more than seven centuries under the influence of several national cultures, is represented by architectural monuments of different epochs, from the ancient buildings of the Middle Ages to the buildings of the late 20th, early 21st centuries.The old town hall, rebuilt in 1898 in the Hanseatic style, looks like a ready-made decoration for a historical film - but in fact it is a simple apartment house (overlooking a medieval castle and the monument of Torgils Knutsson).The library makes an incredible impression, the combination of wood and natural lighting fascinates - and fortunately, even as a tourist, you can see all this magnificence, as the library conducts regular excursions.And for nature lovers Vyborg prepares a special treasure - the rocky park of Monrepos (from the French “Mon Repos” - "my rest", "my recumbence") on the shore of the Vyborg Gulf.

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