Dating mr darcy by sarah arthur

(Or, to put it in graphic terms, if you were to die in an epic car crash this afternoon, what would you regret never having finished? I’m not naturally inclined toward getting my writing done (see photo at right).So what I’m presenting comes after fifteen years in this business.

We assume that inspiration will strike, and that’s when we’ll write. As Anne Lamott says, it’s “a debt of honor” that either we keep by getting our butts in the chair, or we don’t. Your goal is to have at least two people ask you in the next few months “How is the writing going? No combination of words should have the power to bind you–not even your own words.Another author I know takes her fifth wheel to a campground and drafts her next novel in 1-2 weeks. Okay, ignore the insanity of that timeline and focus on the campground, where no one cares if you’re antisocial, as long as you silence your dog (my advice: don’t bring your dog); and everyone, not just the novelist, looks like they haven’t showered.Also, give yourself permission to take a break from the work: do something else entirely, something mundane, like fold the laundry. At heart, writing is not about expressing yourself (mucho bad writing has entered the blogosphere with that in mind); it’s about forgetting yourself.While it does offer good ideas for encouraging a compatible, mature relationship, I found it to be a bit simplified and really religious.That doesn’t mean there is nothing of value in it, but you have to pick and choose which parts can help you and which ones can’t.

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