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Staff members will find out what has and has not worked for you in past relationships.

They sent me pictures of multiple very good looking and successful men that I could meet through Elite Singles. I write this review to try to save others money and a miserable experience. Sent several emails and calls to second Matchmaker and finally called corporate headquarters to discover that she was not in the Orlando market anymore. She assured me that he was actually a very fun guy and that I should go.

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But, I thought, 'Hey, I'm successful and relatively good looking, so will likely have a much better experience than that.' I was very mistaken. But, at times I would drive 1-1.5 hours and my dates would drive 5-15 minutes.

This has been the most humiliating dating experience I've ever had. After a couple months I was called by a service called Elite Singles (a subsidiary of IJL) who said there was a lot of positive feedback from my dates and recommended I move to their service. I'm left with the conclusion this was a total scam - ,000 for a completely humiliating dating experience.

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    Think of it like busking if you will – the better they do in front of the webcam, the more cash they’re able to make!

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