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There’s a new demographic in town: the serial expat.

With an integrated global workforce and accessible travel, many people are choosing a lifestyle that rarely resembles life as we’ve known it.

Yet expat relationships take the difficulty level one step further.

Not only do you need to assimilate your individual personalities and habits – typical in any relationship, and fuel for many breakups – you need this to transcend a cultural and language barrier as well.

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Cultural traits need to be deciphered from your partner’s individual traits; avoid thinking in terms of cultural stereotypes.

This distinction can be hard to define, particularly if you don’t understand how they express themselves in their native language. Is their directness a reflection of culture or are they just rude?

When your passionate partner says they love you quickly, do they mean it or is it a reflection of social norms?

Once you understand each other better, you can reduce potential miscommunications.

Of course, being with the right person will be easier than being with the wrong person, no matter where you both come from.

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