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Our office will always have an open door policy for anyone to discuss their assessment as to its accuracy and fairness.

We welcome your comments about this Web Site or any other matter that is related to our office. Caddo Parish Assessor The Caddo Parish Assessor is responsible for discovery, listing, and valuing all property in Caddo Parish for ad valorem tax purposes.

Please check our Dates to Remember page for more information on publication and filing dates.

Searching is also expanded and includes the ability to search across different fields.

At the same time, the Assessor is responsible that the assessments are done according to the Constitution of the State of Louisiana and the Revised Statutes that are passed by the Legislature.

The Assessor is responsible for filing the Tax Roll annually with the Louisiana Tax Commission on which all the property taxes are based.

These governing bodies include the Caddo Parish School Board, Caddo Parish Commission, Caddo Parish Sheriff, and several others.

Also there may be additional millages set for the individual Fire Districts, Water Districts, etc. Caddo Parish’s real estate records are available online and free to the public.

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