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Kidman, meanwhile, was reportedly devastated and shocked by the news. While the custody arrangement Cruise and Kidman agreed upon has never been made public but both children chose to live with Cruise following the divorce.

“There are a lot of superficial things that people prioritize in short-term relationships that kind of work against their search for ‘the one,’” Mc Gregor said.

In fact, she shies away from those questions as many have to do with Scientology, which Kidman does not discuss.

However, she recently admitted that being married to the action star did give her “protection” from one of Hollywood’s biggest scandals.

But after 11 years together their marriage ended when Cruise filed for divorce.

While neither ever publicly gave the specifics as to why they divorced in 2001, we do know that Cruise checked the celebrity-favorite “irreconcilable differences” box as the reason and filed for joint custody of their children. I think it [just] ran its course.” Over the years there have been questions about whether Kidman still talks to Isabella and Connor at all or if they have disconnected from her because she left the Church of Scientology.

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