Dating after loosing a spouse

According to Doreen Horan, LCPC, at the Counseling Center at Stella Maris, a provider of longterm care in Maryland, on average a man starts socializing within one to two years of a wife’s death. What all grief counselors agree on is that at some point, every widow and widower needs to get out there if life is to be meaningful once again.Planning your re-entry to a new social life is not done overnight, says Erlene Rokowsky, Psy.Some people don’t even consider dating again after having lost a husband or a wife, and that’s completely understandable.Sometimes, you just can’t force yourself to even take a small peek outside of your grief.With your date, you are reserved and unable to surrender yourself to them. As your heart grows stronger, you start opening up to others without even noticing it.The next thing you know, you are in love again, at peace with yourself and your spouse’s memory.

Another thing that makes this kind of relationship difficult is the “ghost” of the late spouse. In your partner’s house, in their eyes when they suddenly grow silent, in their .Senior dating can be tough as it often involves illness and loss.But the best part of senior dating is precisely the fact that it connects you to those who understand what you are going through, so you can help each other out.“Neither of us wants to live together or get married, but it’s great having male companionship again.”Lots of people who lose their husband or wife feel like it’s easier to be alone and not deal with the anxiety and other pressures associated with being social. Our well-being is based largely on interactions with others.(The amount and kind of interaction varies, but the need is inherent.) To avoid connections is to invite depression.

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