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He soared out of the water, above the bridges, and straight up into the sky...“ graves and the big group of people and Pokémon at a funeral, and he could feel wind under his wings…Then the wings were gone, the brief burst of power was done, and Tobias was falling. ” he cried laughing in exhilaration as the wind rushed past him. ”“Aww…” Tobias settled down to be carried back home by Daddy. That afternoon, he kept trying to get Fly again, until he got Bullet Seed instead and very nearly hit the attendants of the second funeral. Still, he decided to keep trying, until some day he got to Fly again. ” the boy asked, stepping into the shallows of the lake, still holding the Togetic’s hand. “C’mon, the mastermind’s still around here somewhere…” Something that’s probably well known to anyone who read After Armageddon from its early chapters is that I typo. It’s one of the reasons that I am eternally grateful to have a beta now, and even before the beta sees them my dearest muse Key-chan sees them more or less as they’re being written. Hovering in placed, she began wedging something out of the bark using the tips of her stingers, before picking it up between her delicate hind legs.“Lee, do you know what this is?Daddy came into view, his arms outstretched, and Tobias seemed to naturally fall into them. This story is set seventeen or so years before the events of After Armageddon, when everything is still steadily going to hell in a handbasket in Kanto… This story features a Togetic called Tashigi and a little boy, both of whom will be relevant in later fics. A white Pokémon was fluttering over the water in front of him. ”“I’m not,” the Togetic said, shaking her head.“Well, I think you’re cool anyway, saving other kids who don’t have daddies with water Pokémon,” the boy said, reaching out to the Togetic. “Then we can play a grownup already, so he won’t always play with me,” he whispered to the Togetic. ”“I like you, little one,” the Togetic said, fluttering her wings and flying into the air. I wrote a late-story chapter of Blood and Bond very late at night and typo’d so much that we concluded that Lance is triplets. ” she asked, flying up to Saylee and dropping it into her hand.“Like I said, Chaz was no happy Buneary either.”“I hope she doesn’t blame herself,” Miranda fretted. “That stupid bitch better not have quit or shit like that.”“She never would,” Pedro said simply. ”Everyone nodded and muttered their assent, then turned and walked towards Saylee. To the NORTH are the MOUNTAINS through which TEAM GALACTIC are approaching. “Archie,” Blue said, knocking and pushing the door of his friend’s room open. ” He slammed his DS shut and threw it at Rosenshelley’s head before storming out of the room, going in the opposite direction from his stepfather’s room. ”“Fine,” Kalle said as he heard the ring of Archie’s footsteps in the metal hallway outside. After all, you and Marc have properly pissed him off. She’d like to battle you tomorrow, one on one, active combat.”“That sounds wonderful! And right now, she wants your head.”“I think the odds are more even than you think,” Archie said with a smirk. Saylee slowly reached out and wordlessly shook it, then turned around and marched away, clutching Chaz’s pokéball in her hand. I hope you enjoy reading this as much as I enjoyed writing it : P As before, some characterizations and relationships are altered to fit the play. ” a voice shouted from the courtyard.“I’d be more worried about ,” Norman ordered the messenger, who bowed and flew away. I’m an asshole, and I do what I like, and I’m not interested in changing. “And trolling is fun, it really is, but jail .”“I noticed,” Marc snapped, turning away from her as Kalle approached. ”“I ‘accidentally’ overheard Norman talking to his brother Wallace,” Kalle chuckled, sitting down next to his boss, “and you won’t ! If someone was daring to flirt, that meant true love was in the air. ”“Your brother’s new boy-toy,” Kalle laughed.“That hulked-up idiot Archie? Anything that could be done to upset Archie would upset his brother Steven, and Marc had never outgrown the childish love of seeing his perpetually cheerful brother upset or enraged. I don’t remember him having his eye on anyone…”“That’s because she’s not in the army,” Kalle explained. He’s going to talk him up to her, set them up, that kind of thing.”“Oh, is he, now,” Marc growled. ” Norman said, trying on a mask that made him look like a Shiftry.“He and his friends skipped drinks,” Wallace sighed, wriggling into a long, beautifully coloured skirt that looked like a Milotic’s tail.“Marc always has such a sour face that my mouth dries up just at him,” Saylee complained, tying a pair of Charizard wings to her back.“I know, right? “One never talks, one never shuts up.”“And people ask me why my beautiful niece is so single,” Norman sighed.“Just lucky, I guess,” Saylee said with a wink, before pulling the mask on.“You’re lucky Key listens to you, at least,” Wallace sighed.“I really don’t want her to think I’d regret her buying me. “She knows that’d be a damn waste.”“If we have no regrets,” Lorenzo said, “shall we move on? She reached out, but they went Pedro was last, Eliza still snuggled around his neck. He hadn’t seen his fellow student since Archie left the university in Sinnoh several months ago and returned to Hoenn for his father’s funeral. Why did they have to have so many damn metal hallways in the base? I mean, marrying your dead husband’s brother during his funeral? ” Archie declared, waving his hand in the air but not looking back. Down here on the beach, if she’s all for that.”Coral nodded and hurried off again. “I’ve been training continually since she went to Johto, whereas she was without her Pokémon. Archie walked over to her, hand held out.“Before we fight, I would like to apologize,” he said when she stared in surprise at his hand. Archie turned around and walked back to his starting position, holding up Shanks’ pokéball. Saylee and Archie, two of the most important people in the world to him, were standing twenty metres apart, facing each other, at least one of them ready to rip the other apart. Most of the rest of the team was out dealing with a suspected incursion by Team Galactic from the north.“Choose your Pokémon now! Saylee, as predicted, chose Chaz, her tall and almost ridiculously powerful Charizard. I hope y’all have a very merry Christmas, or whatever else you may be celebrating at this time of year! I mean, obviously it would be terrible if he did.”“Luckily, they barely lost anybody,” the messenger reassured him. Norman followed his daughter and niece down to the gym entrance, where a number of men and women had entered, with Steven Stone at their head. “After all, you were just a child when she was born.”Key stifled a giggle, but Saylee just sighed and rolled her eyes. ” Key complained, reaching for a leaf headdress in the shape of a Grovyle’s leaves. “Why you and our dear Jo had to go and have daughters, I’ll never understand.

“Condolences for my father’s death, or congrats for Kalle’s remarriage? Archie stared at his father, the man he thought he’d never see again, with wide eyes and a pale face.“Talk to him! “He wouldn’t speak to any of us, maybe he’ll talk to you! We’ve sorted out tickets for you, Rosenmatt and Guildenshelley to go on a road trip to Unova together, won’t that be fun? Archie turned and slapped him full across the face.“Oi! ”The powerful Sharpedo’s teeth ripped through the wardrobe and the man inside. ” he croaked.“Not yet,” Archie said, watching for a moment and then nudging Juan with his toe. In this location, Shanks will be at a considerable advantage. “You worry too much, my friend,” he said, turning and walking away down the beach, staring at the hairpin in his hands.“The rules,” Blue said, looking from Archie to Saylee, “are one-on-one. Active rules mean that you must ride on your Pokémon’s back while battling. Archie, equally predictably, released Shanks, his father’s huge old Sharpedo. ”Shanks leapt forward, sinking his jaws into Marc’s throat. Marc’s head was barely attached to his body any more. This is going to make Saylee’s twenty-first look tame.”“I didn’t know you could drink that much vodka and ,” Key said, glancing at Saylee.“To be fair, I think I spilled most of it down my shirt after the second bottle,” Saylee replied.“You weren’t wearing a shirt after the second bottle.”“Did Steven lose a lot of his followers in battle? “I suppose we’ve got room to put up Steven himself and his closest five or six…”“So, tell us about this new guy that everyone’s been singing the praises of,” Key giggled. “He joined up with everyone else but he quickly turned out to be probably the greatest trainer in Steven’s army. He winked at Saylee and Key before sweeping over to hug Norman. ” he asked Norman with a grin.“You’re no trouble at all,” Norman lied, returning the smile. I think Key was a child at the time…”“Oh, of course! Blue scowled as he glanced at his feet, but then adopted a mocking smile again. Oh, ceez,” he said, spotting the way Archie was blushing. “You think you know a guy, you think you have a bro, and then a pretty blonde walks by and—”“Something wrong, Blue? “You can’t tell me you weren’t expecting Steven to throw a party. “So I think I’ll go let her know about Archie’s feelings…”“C’mon, Marc, what’s wrong? “You’ve been down all day.”“Nothing’s wrong,” Marc said, “and that’s exactly the problem. Like his brother, he’d been given a private room as a mark of respect. Niceties generally did.“I know, but keep a lid on it, will you? “Well, unless the man is ugly or stupid or generally unappealing, in which case it’s your duty to yourself to say ‘as ,” Key giggled, blushing. ”“As guys go, I suppose they don’t come much better,” Saylee admitted, checking her appearance in the mirror. ”Most of the guests had already made their way out in costume.Doug popped out of the grass looking surprised and grateful when Pedro and Daisy greeted him happily and apologized for not being able to protect him better. ” So a while ago I was joking about Archie’s vendetta against Marc in our fics being a little Hamlet (poor communication kills and all) and Key-chan mentioned that she wasn’t familiar with the play. He ought to be in the main sub bay right about now. ” She bolted before Juan could change his mind or reveal that he was joking.“Now what? If you’re a liar like me, then you’re not Key at all and never were.”“…Excuse me? She hadn’t seen him in weeks, thanks to her father’s meddling, and hadn’t believed the rumours about his brain taking a long walk off a short pier. It’s the same one in every damn story, didn’t you notice? ” Guildenshelley said brightly.“Do they know any plays about fucking bastards who murder the king and marry the queen? “That you,” Key said, folding her arms and pointedly glaring at the fire curtain on the stage.“C’mon, I didn’t mean what I said,” Archie said pleadingly. ” Archie said, climbing over the back of her chair and sitting on her lap. Blue sighed and leaned over the chair to haul Archie up into an empty seat.“So, what’re we watching? “Your uncle’s pretty upset,” Rosenmatt said, peering into Archie’s room.“So’s Kalle,” Guildenshelley added. The only sound in the room was the of his game.“He wants to see you,” Rosenshelley said after a prolonged silence. ” Guildenmatt asked.“Beat this level for me first,” Archie said, holding out his DS to the pair of them. “We can’t find out what he did with Juan’s body.”“Where the hell can you hide a corpse around here?! His eyes locked on Saylee and he gripped her shoulder, almost shaking.“Here you are, Saylee,” he moaned, looking utterly stricken. A Duskull floated out of the grave and pulled a face at him. A chill ran down his spine.“Been a gravedigger long, then? The mourning procession passed by one by one to drop flowers into the grave after Key. Kalle put his arms around her shoulders, both of them watching the Boss go with the same stricken conflict.“Archie…” Blue said, coming across his friend sitting on the beach, staring at the hairpin, turning it over and over in his fingers. “Marc’s been using Dad’s seal, and I have one of those. “So many fine people dead in a stroke…”“Too late to tell them the news from Unova,” Mars muttered, covering her nose from the stench of poison and death that rose from the area. They just can’t help meeting without to kill each other.Geoff floated up, casually carrying Sloth’s massive bulk and laughing as he insisted that nobody could be as dumb as him, a rock/ground type attacking an Oddish. And it’s made me determined to keep moving forwards.” She grabbed her pokégear and looked at the clock. To be fair, Shakespeare can be hard to read even when English is your first everyday language… I’m sure Dad will tell you the same…”“Great, I’m about to get the Guy Warnings in stereo,” Key complained as Juan strode towards them.“Are you packed and ready to go, Saylee? “Your ferry is going to leave soon.”“I’m ready,” Saylee said, hoisting her backpack onto her back.“I’m sure you are,” Juan said, smiling and patting her on the shoulder. You can go see him if you like.”Key brightened up immediately. ” Marc asked boredly.“Now we get our stalk on,” Juan said, motioning for them to follow.“Archie! Rosenmatt took it and saw that he was at Tetris level 25, where the blocks fell roughly at the speed of light.“Sorry, man,” he said, handing it back. You said yourself that you’re mad.”Archie dropped to his knees, slowly beginning to chuckle. Archie caught it in his hands and peered into the grave, where a Marowak had nearly burrowed six feet down.“It’s like peering into death itself,” he said pompously, holding the Duskull aloft. ” Archie said, letting go of the Duskull, which floated off. Kalle lingered a moment after dropping his flower in.“If things had been better, you would have made a fine daughter-in-law,” he murmured, moving on at Marc’s gentle prompting, leaving only Saylee by the grave.“Hold on,” she said as the Duskull levitated the heap of dirt into the air, ready to dump it into the grave. I swear, Key, that son of a bitch Archie is going to pay! As Saylee held out the pin, ready to drop it into the grave, he shot forwards.“Stop! I replaced it with a letter saying that whoever bears the letter is to be executed immediately.”“Whoever…? “Too late to tell them that Rosenshelley and Guildenmatt are dead…”Shanks had dived into the sea and vanished. Bear them away like warriors, because all of them were, to the end.”Chaz howled at the sky, and then took off, flying out over the sea until he could no longer be seen. ” Saylee asked, the sugar in her voice turning to ice. Which means he may have to stay under our roof for a while and I would take it as a kindness if neither of you murdered the other.” He smiled at the messenger. More of a battle of wits than anything else.”“A battle implies that both sides are capable of fighting,” Saylee said dryly. “It’s a nice thing to say to someone whose friend has just died. Tobias was only little and didn’t know much, so he always had more questions.“Here we go,” Daddy said, walking onto some wood that was lying on the ground. “Do you want to walk along the bridges a little way? ” one of the Krabby said, peering up at Daddy.“I’m so hungry I could eat him whole,” another one said.“Don’t you dare, there’s enough for everyone to have a bit,” a third said, snapping at Daddy’s ankle. ”“It means that you’re very sorry for their loss,” Daddy said, picking up Tobias and walking away from breakfast. Daddy didn’t answer all of Tobias’ questions, but Tobias didn’t notice the ones he skipped because he had more questions. ”“Not everyone does,” Daddy said, looking back at Lavender. He got to walk so long as he promised to keep close to Daddy. When he wasn’t walking, he was being carried by Mummy or Daddy, which he also liked. He’d seen Krabby before, and Daddy could fight them .“Look at the size of this one!

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