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Despite his healthy appetite for pot, Talde said he had never really explored the possibilities of cooking with cannabis before he appeared on “Bong Appetit.” “I’ve thrown weed into butter and made brownies but never at this level,” he said jokingly.But on the show, Talde went far beyond pot brownies, crafting a hand roll with wagyu tartar, Dungeness crab soffits and a frozen Yuzu souflee — all of which were laced with THC and CBD.Additionally, he’s using his media savvy and experience as a chef to pen a futuristic, restaurant-based screenplay that he hopes to develop into a feature film or a television series. You can get dinner there, but it’s built for snacking. “We’re in the middle of writing it, and then next is selling the script,” he said. “It’s a taqueria that’s in a Mexican market on Ashland just south of North Avenue.

You can always update your preferences in the Privacy Centre.“He said my food was somewhat devious, and I think that’s kind of what Vice does.” “I feel like our brands, what I do and what they do, work together,” Talde said.In the episode, the trio of chefs serves up dank delicacies to a group of noted stoners, including Parliament Funkadelic visionary George Clinton and rapper B-Real, the show’s host.Fresh out of university, and now Writer at Reality Titbit.The last four years of bingeing on RHOA are finally going to pay off.

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