Customs of vietnamese dating genital herpes dating groups

When meeting a female, you should wait for her to extend her hand first; if she does not, simply nod your head. If they shake with both hands (left hand placed upon top of right), do the same.The exchange of business cards is an important ritual in Vietnamese culture.No one will expect you to master the Vietnamese language in advance of a business meeting, but it is considered common courtesy to learn at least one or two words.Even just the Vietnamese word for hello (xin chào, pronounced sin jow) will indicate your willingness to adapt to the cultures and customs of the host nation.Because of this, always make sure you bring a business card to exchange at any meeting, no matter how small or trivial it may seem.

Ethnicity: 54 different ethnic groups are recognised by the Vietnamese government, with the Kinh (Viet) group by far the largest with 86.2% of the populace.

This revolves largely around comporting oneself admirably in Vietnamese society, most notably with respect to age and status.

All due respect and deference is paid to those of advanced years, with the oldest members of any group always being greeted and served first.

When receiving a card from someone else, accept it with both hands and study it thoroughly before putting it away to show respect.

The translation of all documents into Vietnamese will demonstrate your regard for your prospective partners and your preparation in the business world.

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