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SSAP 20 (April 1983) (PDF) For entities applying FRS 23 (IAS 21) ' The Effects of Changes in Foreign Exchange Rates', SSAP 20 is withdrawn on implementation of FRS 23.The objective of SSAP 20's requirements are: In individual financial statements, the general rule of SSAP 20 is that the result of each transaction should be translated into the company's local currency using the exchange rate in operation at the date on which the transaction occurred.Each separate legal entity has its own financial accounting processes and creates its own financial statements.

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SSAP 20 is effective for accounting periods starting on or after 1 April 1983.

If a public company wants to change from consolidated to unconsolidated it may need to file a change request.

Changing from consolidated to unconsolidated may also raise concerns with investors or complications with auditors so filing consolidated subsidiary financial statements is usually a long-term financial accounting decision.

Companies who choose to create consolidated financial statements with subsidiaries require a significant investment in financial accounting infrastructure due to the accounting integrations needed to prepare final consolidated financial reports.

There are some key provisional standards that companies using consolidated subsidiary financial statements must abide by.

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