Configuration options for updating os

From the results of the Windows Host Compliance Report and the Windows Incident Compliance Report you can make your systems compliant by initiating an update job for the Windows OS.

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Enterprise Manager Ops Center uses Microsoft SCCM 2007 to implement the software updates for the Windows OS.

More specifically, it uses the Windows software update capability of SCCM to update any Windows operating systems that are discovered and managed.

The following code shows one example: In addition to configuration options, some use cases expose APIs to dynamically alter settings after the use case has been created.

For information on configuration that is specific to the individual use cases, see Implement a preview, Analyze images, and Take a photo.

Camera X automatically provides functionality that is specific to the device that your app is running on.

The Windows OS update reports help you to determine the patches that are applicable to your systems and how many of the applicable patches are compliant or not compliant for the selected systems.When you want to download and install a patch, the patch is downloaded from the Microsoft Web site.You do not need any authentication to access the Microsoft Web site.Several predefined OS Update reports are available.The reports enable you to check for new patches and update your systems.

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