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(Excuse me, I’m thinking about “San Junipero” and I need a minute.) The script for but has also said she’s open to dating men again, meaning 20Bi Teen is probably going to be her year.

Kristen Stewart, romantic comedy star: Is this the new era we’ve been waiting for?

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AND IT INCLUDES LOTS OF LADIES LIKE DREW BARRYMORE AND CLEA DU VALL. I like how the Bieber outfit is offset by her flowing locks. It’s not your place to force someone out the closet, no matter your reasons for doing so. ” If Page was ever in a closet, it was one that was pretty much made of glass.

And doesn’t the entire process of being outed by someone else imply that being gay is something to be ashamed about in the first place? Maybe this is kind of asking too much of modern celebrities.

If you’re going to trade off your public fame for profit and adulation, maybe people deserve to know every detail of your private life, including your sexuality? I mean, as much as I like – okay, LOVE – the titillation factor of knowing Ellen Page has slept with a Charlie’s Angel, I didn’t to know it. (Except maybe the documentary she narrated about how all the bees were dying.

” Recently though I have seen a number of examples that illustrate this expression perfectly.

A young couple, Peter and Ruby, are married with three children. First, this is the reverse order of the phases in North America; second, there appears to be about 3 to 5 days difference between the phases, not 1.

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