Christian dating no attraction

God gave us physical senses and desires for our good.

But that’s only one piece of what makes people attractive, and it is not the main piece — nowhere close.

This may be the most important thing to learn about physical (or sexual) attraction: that at its richest and fullest, it is not only or even mainly physical (eyes, hair, and figure).That being said, I also believe that physical attraction is far deeper and more dynamic, even spiritual, than we tend to think. Real, meaningful, durable attraction is far more than physical.A man or woman’s physical appearance only plays one role in what makes them attractive or appealing.For instance, if she really is a godly woman, why might you be more attracted to the unbelieving girl in your algebra class?Or (for the women), if he really is a godly man, why might you be more attracted to the ungodly guy at work?

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