Child dating man

I dated a man with a child once and when his son’s mother called at midnight and I asked why, he answered with the response “That’s my son’s mother,” as if that was supposed to make it justifiable.I wanted to say something else but there was no point because she has the right to call whenever when it’s about their child.On the other hand, if the guy doesn’t get along with the child’s mother then that’s another problem.

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Even if they are rude to you, you have to empathize with them and understand that adjusting to their father being with another woman is not easy for them.

If they have a problem with you, then it leaves their father feeling some type of way.

Unless they’re wondering if they can have Oreos for dinner, children don’t think about their futures much.

So if the guy you’re dating can’t make plans—for tomorrow or two years from now—he’s living in the here and now. “[They] can’t think too far ahead because they are incapable of seeing their future selves in a clear light,” she notes.

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