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As a user of websites we are painfully aware of the videos, the popups, the banner ads and every other effort to catch our attention.

'Traffic' refers to people visiting websites so search sites offering free searches do so to attract visitors who are offered a variety of opportunities to buy something or go to another site that has something to sell.

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In Chrome it's possible to right click on a picture and use 'Search Google for image'. Install the Chrome app (Android and i Phone or i Pad) then tap the image to view a larger size.The asterisk leads to a disclosure "Special price with the Intelius Premier Plus offer" which in turn discloses that the 95c really doesn't exist because it requires signing up for the plus plan which would be .95 IF the plan is canceled within 7 days, accented by "You saved .00 on this report! Intense scrutiny of company principals and business practices? A 'tool' is usually a software app that someone created and puts forward for some kind of gain whether it be dollars, website traffic, popularity, getting links or just a warm and fuzzy feeling by bucking capitalism.'Tools' customarily don't have their own sources of data but merely tap into existing (large) databases, thereby in their very nature making them mostly unnecessary as those seeking others could simply go to the database directly without the aid of the 'tool'.From the beginning the phrase 'people search Canada' has been one of the most popular search phrases online.Using that phrase in Google returns 3,150,000,000 (three billion one hundred fifty million) website listings in SERPs (Search Engine Results Pages).

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