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Though the war may be over—for now—it stands as a stark reminder that not all troubled pasts can be left behind completely.She may have survived him, but she'll never truly be free.Though she told the former NBC newsman that things with Federline were "awesome" and he was an "amazing" husband, it would soon become clear that there was some truth to the rumors.On November 7, 2006, nearly two months after welcoming second son Jayden James into the world and just days after the release of Federline's critically-reviled debut album, Spears filed for divorce, petitioning for full custody.

After a handful of years spent dominating the charts, all the pressures that come along with success and stardom of that magnitude were clearly beginning to get to her and the wheels began to fall off while she was all of 22 years old.First, there was the fact that when they met, he had a kid on the way—his second with when rumors of Spears' involvement with her back-up dancer first began circulating that April."It was like breaking up a family." Not exactly the most auspicious of starts. Next year at 23, I am so there."And she got her wish.As her quest to regain custody rights continued on through the rest of the year, Spears' continued struggles with substance abuse sabotaged her at every turn, culminating in two hospitalizations in January 2008 on 5150 psychiatric holds, with the court placing her under the conservatorship of her father Jamie Spears and attorney Andrew Wallet.With all of her life's decisions in the hands of people looking out for her best interest, Spears began to rehabilitate her image and rebuild her career.

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