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They hit even when their opponent is setting armour. There were these two girls fighting in a classroom that I walked by in high school. 2) They rode the same bus home and she had the guts to talk **** about her on that day 3) She didn't run home after getting off the bus Well, the tattle tale got off at the bus stop before me and my neighbor did, so once this girl got off the bus she like gave the finger to my neighbor, will my neighbor goes running off the bus, (as do I and everybody else that wanted to watch the ass kicking).I didn't get to see what happened but I heard one of them got her shirt ripped off right in front of the class. So instead of running home she walks and says "I don't want any trouble, I don't want any troube" and then my neighbor pushes her to the ground and as she trieds to get up she starts punching her full force, got some faces shots mainly body shots, and then the chick balled up into a fetal position while my neighbor started to kick in her back.This one woman stopped her car and yelled from the window "isn't somebody going to stop her?" we all looked at the lady like she was stupid and then she drove off.I thin you'll find that their wem manager isn't very good because they got hacked three times in as many weeks.

Their rifles are superb, i've had many PCP's and my Rapids are the only rifles i've been entirely happy with and have kept.They are suffering a delay in relocation at the moment - that could happen to anyone.You can't judge Theoben by the builders that have let them down, who were themselves held up by the extrordinary weather we had over the last month or six weeks. Expecting everything to run perfectly every time is never going to happen.Nice guns, and I enjoy mine greatly but will I buy another? I've never had any problems with the customer services they have always been good, when I ordered parts they have always come quickly The old website address has changed after it was new address is https:// works ok for me.I haven't phoned them for a while but i did hear that the person in question that upset so many has gone, i think they may have even told me themselves last time i rang.

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