Best chat unmonitored

But the message function is not monitored so graphic and sexually explicit language is very possible.

The potential for your child to be matched with a stranger, and ability to receive uncensored messages, makes this app very risky.

But if you swipe the screen to the right, you’re then prompted to enter the password.

These types of apps are difficult to detect by design, so don’t always assume the app is what it appears to be on the surface. Famous for its fun filters and photos / videos that disappear, recent updates allow users to create “stories” that make content available for 24 hours.

is another very popular social media app with children and teens and is known for its cyberbullying.

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A video can be viewed by anyone during the broadcast, and the broadcaster can block users, but that is often only after graphic language or content is displayed. Me also allows users to purchase “coins” to gift to streamers that can be converted to actual money.

Sporting an innocent-looking icon, this app allows users to create a password protected photo / video album, and even an “escape” password that, when entered, opens the app but shows a fake, empty album.

When you open this specific app, a screen displays a message stating the application encountered an error and must be closed.

KIK is an instant messaging app that lets users send text messages, photos, videos, and GIFs.

KIK doesn’t offer parental controls and it only takes an email address to create an account, so anyone can contact your child on KIK.

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