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"Look at this mess," Pauly D said as he stepped over a ton of props, including blonde hair extensions, balled up clothing, and fake dog poop, which were placed by producers to recreate some of the pair's co-habitation issues. "So one day she'll feel that way, but then she'll go right back into the mess and not respecting my home" he said."It's not even respecting it and keeping it dirty, she, like, ruins things.We hope they both can finally find peace in all areas of their lives, whether they're together or apart.As Sean “Diddy” Combs prepares to reprise “Making the Band,” Danity Kane’s Aubrey O’Day is still recovering from trauma that followed her run on the MTV series."[Our] label is always 'enjoying the moment.' That's the label I feel comfortable with," she explained. That's cool and all, but then he added, "It's pretty crazy because it was my first real relationship. I've learned don't assume anything." Wait, did he say it was his , Pauly D and Markert's relationship was described only as "a drunken night in Vegas back in 2012," so who knows how serious it was.

"And that if they expect you to, you need to run." Their relationship lasted from early 2016 until July 2017, and Aubrey O'Day later described the duration of their romance as "torturous." Even Pauly D was shocked by her description, calling it "an interesting word" in an interview with Ironically enough, while O'Day felt tortured, Pauly D pointed out that he was the one who eventually pulled the plug on their relationship.She doesn't care about it." So not only was it nearly impossible for these two to get along, but they were living in squalor, too? in September 2018 that their rocky relationship had "no healthy dialogue.There was no progressive communication." And she didn't stop there.Well, just four days after that interview (yes, we said ), it was reported the couple had called it quits. She was pressuring him to get a ring, and he was not there yet. He hopes to remain friends with her, [but] she is pretty upset," an insider told Aubrey O'Day initially remained coy about their relationship, but it was clear she was already head-over-heels in lust with the gym, tan, laundry connoisseur."[Pauly's] incredibly funny and smart and very talented." she said.

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