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We are now married 9 years and have two kids together.

It has been a wonderful journey experiencing life with someone who I feel knows, loves, and accepts all of me - imperfections and all - because after all, that's what true friends are.

"We humans aren't great at hiding our feelings," Darcy says. Once you've decided that professing your feelings is the right move for you, it's time to find the perfect way to do so.

Darcy suggests finding a lighthearted way to start the conversation like playing 20 questions.

He gets me, he accepts my crazy ass for who I am, and he always makes me feel loved and appreciated.

On the other hand though, I'm absolutely terrified.

If you've already done some serious soul searching and decide that it's worth it to pursue a romantic relationship with a friend, Darcy points out that communication will be the key to the potentially awkward transitional period.

Curious to learn exactly how Darcy would approach getting out of the friend zone?

In a recent Reddit Ask Women thread, real ladies share how their relationships changed when they started dating their BFFs. We were pretty happy for the majority of it but we weren't right for each other for life, which is fine. But it was pretty amazing until we started learning the bad things about one another and that kinda made me see her in a different light and I would imagine the same for her.

According to Darcy, if the answer to either of these questions is no, she doesn't think it's worth the risk.

"Relationships are hard enough to maintain when people are compatible," she points out.

"Make sure one of the questions you ask is, ' Have you ever had feelings for a close friend? "If the answer is yes, you can ask increasingly more pointed questions like, ' What would your advice be to someone who had feelings for a close friend?

'” It's a fun, flirty, and playful way to gauge their feelings as you prepare to reveal your own.

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