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sledge hammer: can you explain if the new labors being cleared in the BEC centers (approximately 150K are still pending) are from 2001-2003? Anyways, I hope we all continue to move :)Hi, My current EAD will expire in September 2008. Can I transfer to Company B during this renewal process?In 2003, there should be a demand of 23% of 300K (couting spouses)=69K. Thanks AK I do not beleive that EAD is company specific, it is yours like a green card, they will not ask anything whilre renewing green card.And it is doubtful that the Republican open-border Senators would vote for an amnesty that didn't include the guestworker provisions so sought by the Chamber of Commerce. Numbers WATCH FOR BY-THE-MINUTE ALERTS ON THURSDAY AS WE ASK YOU TO REACT TO SENATORS IMMEDIATELY AFTER THEY TAKE BAD ACTIONS IN COMMITTEE Our seven-person Capitol Hill Team of professionals will be in the Committee Room and other key Capitol Hill locations all day assisting our six-person Website Team to provide you with updates and help in where your activism can do the most good.

Well, we got a little sign of hope on that front today.Only President bush can do something if somehow he can be convinced.People already sued USCIS couple of years back and lost the battle.Under the "CLAY PIGEON" maneuver the likelyhood of this bill passing from the senate is very high. What about the people with PD Though there are companies that do have ethics - most of these people have exploited their employees and continue to behave unethically - they drive expensive cars and behave with arrogance on face of their employees who are working hard and earning for these cayotes.In order for this bill to pass it needs only 51 votes. We will need members to be active for next few days and weeks. I believe the intention of not moving too much beyond jul 06 , may be to make some spill over benfit happen to EB3 also. These cayotes have this love affair with Attorneys - and they have this common protocol on how to handle their employee.

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