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Even if you feel like you've met a decent guy, don't put all of your eggs into his basket because just because he's decent doesn't mean your wants and intentions are aligned.

Make sure you're giving all of your attention to a guy who is truly deserving of it.

Having said that, if you’re ready and want to know How To Turn A Guy On – read on!

17, 2017Name/Age: Tee Bee, 23Subject of your dilemma: Dating Message: Hey girl!

I’ve caught myself actually cutting guys off because l only “talk” to someone and then we end up not working out so l kinda “lost out”.

l sometimes feel like l shouldn’t put all my eggs in one basket because l'm single but then when l feel like I’ve met a decent guy l don’t wanna be messy l kinda wanna give all my attention to that particular guy.

If he seems serious and his actions match then, yes both of you cut everyone off as you should.

If you're dealing with a guy that's serious about you, wants more, or is in fact also only dating you, in that situation dealing with other men may definitively be wrong because it would be hurtful to the guy you're dating which is wrong.

Also make sure you don't fall into one of those "situationships".

After a date, don’t sit by the phone waiting for a call. “Lies have short legs” and the truth will come out when you least expect it. Take some good dating advice – go out there and find your mate.

It’s been a while since I submitted an article as I had to do some (gulp) ‘paid work’ to support my shoe habit. All I can say is “thank god for blocking mechanisms”. Wherever you go – Facebook, MSN, Twitter, they’re there! If you do you have opened the door to a whole set of questions – “Then why don’t you want to see me again”; “You said you had a good time so what’s the problem”. If you meet them online say “Hi” but don’t overly encourage them, otherwise they think you are now soul mates, destined to be together forever. I once chatted to this guy online for roughly 5 minutes, he said some stuff that really made me uneasy.

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