Apple tv photostream not updating

I got the i OS 12 update notification, and after going Settings-Software Update I am greeted with the message on the post title.

It further says “Please connect your device to i Tunes on a computer to update to the latest software.” So apparently I am forced to connect my i Pad to a computer with i Tunes to do the update?

There are many ways you can make space on an i Phone or i Pad.

You can for example clear Twitter’s web and media storage, remove photos or videos, empty your Recently Deleted photos folder, clear Safari’s Offline Reading List cache, optimize downloaded music storage, remove unwanted books, or even delete apps.

Sure, a few people have had to pull the plug off the feature because there were just too many things going wrong with it. I wouldn’t call it a flawed execution at all because every feature that Apple brings in comes with its own set of problems: i Cloud, Face Time, i Message, and of course, Photo Stream.

Photo Stream, without exception, has a lot of problems like: We’ll take a look at how you can fix the Photo Stream not working issue.

I’m hoping this is something Apple can make more obvious in a future software update.

I chose to delete Garage Band, an app I rarely use, yet one that eats up well over a gigabyte of storage space.As the error message suggests, the i Pad needs space to download new photos that were taken with my i Phone and uploaded to i Cloud.For some reason, it also needs storage space in order to upload photos taken from the i Pad, probably for caching purposes.Restarting the phone does nothing to fix it, yet force closing (swiping up) on the app, then re-opening it will update the steps.The way it used to work was, within a minute of getting home from a walk in the evening (1-2 miles with my dog), the Health app would update with that time and from 2.5k-5k steps.

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