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Her relatives said they had lost contact with her on Jan. She worked part time in a chiropractor’s office and was studying for a bachelor’s degree at the College of Staten Island. Soon after she failed to arrive at Newark Liberty International Airport as scheduled, her Instagram page quickly filled with prayers and pleas for information from friends and relatives.

She had been planning and saving for the trip for several months. Sierra chronicled her travels around Istanbul, as well as side trips to Amsterdam and Munich, on her page on the social media outlet Instagram, memyself_sarai. Her husband, Steven Sierra, and brother, David Jimenez, flew to Istanbul last week. Sierra told The Staten Island Advance that his wife had kept him informed of all her travel plans.“She kept me 100 percent updated,” her husband said.

Results show that high socially anxious participants were more self-focused in the critical phase, but less self-focused in the active phase than low socially anxious participants.

In Experiment 2 women diagnosed with SAD (n = 32) and controls (n = 30) between 18 and 30 years conducted the same experiment.

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Discovery channel found out Dutch men really enjoy shopping for groceries.

Everybody who has ever lived in the Netherlands or has dated Dutch men, seems to have an opinion about Dutch men.

On websites, forums and blogs, complaints about the boys from Holland are running wild: They lack necessary skills in flirting, let their agendas rule their (love)lives and are so enthusiastic about feminism, a girl is likely to pay her own bill when on a date with a Dutch guy.

The conversation was divided in four phases: (I) warm-up, (II) positive (confederate was friendly to the participant), (III) critical (confederate was critical to the participant), and (IV) active (participant was instructed to ask questions to the confederate).

Participant's SFA was measured by eye-tracked gaze duration at their own image relative to the confederates' video image and other places at the computer screen.

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