American girl dating a kenyan man

Guys whom by comparison make you look like Archangel Gabriel. She was about 19, and completely breathtakingly beautiful.Unlike the Young Thang; she doesn’t expect you to deliver the moon, the stars, a unicorn and a fairytale existence. As is the norm in Kenyan bars, when it got to 2100hrs ( that 9 pm, for those of you who went to school but didn’t get an education) the turned down the music so that we could watch Prime Time News. I mean, we have TVs at home, if we wanted to watch news we’d be there! Now during the news there was a story about Amos Kimunya.10 – Lastly, there is a lot to be said for If you are a successful young man, going out with a successful older woman; your stock amongst your peers and more importantly amongst young ladies goes through the roof.You are the Alpha Male who can dominate the Alpha Female…and not many of your peers could say the same about themselves. Ten Reasons to dump your giggly, gum chewing, Wyre-Groupie chick and upgrade to a more sophisticated older model. Thoughts of an Educated Fool is a random collection of thoughts by a possibly unstable mind.Below are ten tips on how to date Kenyan girls: As one of the developing nations barely out of the category of third world countries, Kenyans live on faith, and a lot of optimism. Always try to be that guy who sees a glass that’s half full rather than one that’s half empty.Never bring up issues to do with family drama, stress at your workplace and your ex girlfriends especially on your first date.

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Lets face it; if you have a car, your own crib, passable looks and a modest amount of money in your pocket…you are pretty much guaranteed to pull. Now imagine the challenge of getting with a high powered business executive; a CEO or one of these fire-spitting FIDA council members.

Needless to say my pal dismissed her vibe with the swiftness of a Moi one o’clock bulletin.

With these tois your conversation is pretty much assured to revolve around music and celebrities. Woe unto you if she starts talking about some local ‘celeb’ whom you have never heard of.

Be ready, she will want to show you off to family, friends and the society in general, especially if you are white.

Later on, she can pay you back by visiting you in your home country.

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