Advice for dating a widower

When I came into the widower's life, the family of the late wife was as cold as ice to me.

At first I didn't understand it, but as time went on I began to realize why.

BUT it can definitely work if you're BOTH willing to work hard on it, communicate, and make compromises. You are right in being cautious, it shows that you are thinking about things and not just blindly ploughing through something.

He suffered a significant loss and at 8 months it may be still fresh for him.

In place of that, here I was, a stranger, an outsider entering their lives while the pain was still raw.

I just want to not run away because I don’t know how to navigate this situation due to a lack of experience. As far as being intimate, it may lead to bouts of grief and tears.I was a reminder to them that their lives were never going to be the same.The future they thought they'd have with her was destroyed.Her name and memories may come up in coversation and it can get really awkward. In the end, being with someone who lost a spouse is not for the weak of heart and not for everyone.For me, it was a tremendously isolating, painful, and awkward experience...

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