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Xbiz, the leader in adult industry news, recognizing Slixa’s innovative platform and unique modern approach had this to say: Adult directory site Slixa has elevated the voice of entertainers by offering a novel platform geared toward humanizing escorts via high-end aesthetics and hands-on advocacy.And, “Slixa Champions Ethical Advertising for Private Entertainers.His results, part of his Ph D dissertation, were published in "The Teen Challenge Drug Treatment Program in Comparative Perspective".Bicknese found that Teen Challenge graduates reported less drug-use recidivism than the hospital-program graduates, but not less than those who continued attending Alcoholics Anonymous after the hospital program.The organization faces accusations regarding severe abuse and ill treatment at its rehabilitation camps.was founded in 1960 by David Wilkerson, an Assemblies of God pastor who left a rural Pennsylvania church to work on the street among teenage gang members and socially marginalized people in New York City and who, perhaps, is best known for later authoring The Cross and the Switchblade and founding Times Square Church.He hoped that Teen Challenge would incorporate some psychotherapy into their treatment model.

Just navigate to your city and click on the “Available Now” button (in NYC for example) to see a list of providers that may be free to see you within a few hours.

His results also showed that Teen Challenge graduates were much more likely to be employed, with 18 of the 59 working at Teen Challenge itself, which utilizes graduates in its operations.

According to a 2001 New York Times item, some social scientists complain that the 86 percent success rate of Teen Challenge disregards those who dropped out of the program, and that like many private and religious organizations, Teen Challenge selects its clients.

Doug Wever, author of "The Teen Challenge Therapeutic Model", stated, "I would respectfully suggest that the Texas Freedom Network's position here is overstated in that it's not unusual at all for the research design of effectiveness studies to look only at graduates; therefore the outcomes of these independent studies do provide a legitimate and dramatic basis for comparison given the results.

At the same time, Teen Challenge must be careful to communicate what has actually been measured." In 1995, auditors from the Texas Commission for Alcohol and Drug Abuse (TCADA) demanded that Teen Challenge obtain state licensing and employ state-licensed counselors. Bush publicly defended Teen Challenge and pursued alternative licensing procedures for faith-based organizations.

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